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You may use our designs on personal garments/projects. You may also sell your projects where you have stitched out our designs. You may not share, copy, resell or distribute our designs in its original digital form. You may not purchase designs in a group buy or on behalf of someone else. Please use the gift certificate function on the website if you want to purchase designs for someone else as a gift. Discounts are given to clubs where bulk is purchased of the same design.


We try to ensure that the artwork used to create these embroidery designs is purchased from legal clip art distributors, if you see your artwork and its not for commercial use, please email me, the designs will be removed immediately.




Design A Stitch respects your right to privacy. Accordingly, we will collect and use personal information only as follows:


Our Purpose in Collecting Personal Information:


Personal information means information about you which is, or can be, tied to you as an individual.


We collect personal information to:

  • Deliver the services you want;

  • Communicate with you when necessary;

  • Provide consumer/customer service;

  • Respond to legal process (e.g. subpoenas and warrants).


What information we collect and how we collect it:


How we use personal information:


  1. We do not sell or rent personal information to others;

  2. We do not use cookies to track movements on websites;

  3. Contact information, identification numbers, account numbers, and other information you provide when you do business with us;

  4. Technical information (such as your Internet Protocol address, your computers operating system and browser type).

  5. We do not disclose personal info except in the following situations;

  6. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information:

  7. We maintain reasonable physical, technical, and procedural measures to limit access to personal information to authorised individuals with appropriate purposes


By providing Design A Stitch with information that forms the basis of communication with you, such as an email address, you agree to receive communication from us and our marketing team. However, all email marketing communication with you shall contain an ´unsubscribe´ link where you may notify the website that you no longer wish to receive advertisements or information from the website and your name will be removed from the general database.




Designs /zip files which are corrupt will be replaced. Refunds are given when no solution to a problem can be offered. Please email us at to discuss any refund issues.




PayPal is an authorised retailer for goods and services provided by Design A Stitch Pty Ltd

IF (And this option is for South Africans ONLY) you chose the EFT option.

That means (NO CASH DEPOSITS Please as there is a very high bank charge on cash deposits, if you do make a cash deposit, please add R45 to your total to cover the bank charges) you will proceed to checkout using the EFT option, when you click on the Checkout button you will receive instructions to complete your purchase.

PLEASE check below the $ price on the website is a ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanse Rand) and next to it a value, that is your Rand price ! But you can calculate the total as well by using the instructions.


After you made the payment PLEASE email or SMS me proof of payment. SMS / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger is the fastest way as I check my phone regularly, Email takes time as I check emails twice per day, mornings and evenings, so if you are in a hurry please SMS rather -

VERY IMPORTANT !! - Please Please don't send the SMS via the bank app - when you send a SMS through the bank, I receive a number and amount, no name and no order number on it, so its impossible to link it to you - resulting in you getting upset and frustrated and me sitting with my hands in my hair as I do not know who the payment belongs to -

ALSO ALWAYS and I can't stress this enough, ALWAYS use your order number as reference - nothing else just the order number - Many times the bank account is not in your name or has a different name, so how am I suppose to know the order belongs to you, on my bank statement it will show the account holders name and not YOUR name, if you however used the order number as reference I can immediately trace and approve the order - Remember this is a manual process - IF you are in a hurry for your order use Credit card or PayPal which are instant download options.

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